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US Capital Partners Adds Two New Products to Its Wide Offering of Innovative Financing Solutions for Smaller Businesses

Private investment bank now offers asset-backed bonds for minerals and other in-ground assets, as well as structured loans and advisory on capital structure for business owners.

US Capital Partner, LLC is at the cutting-edge of small and lower middle market financing, and is continually developing new innovative and custom financing solutions for its clients. The firm has developed a solid reputation of consistently delivering market-leading solutions for these businesses, as well as for their owners and investors.


What is it? If your company owns copper, gold, oil or other in-ground assets, US Capital Partners can provide asset-backed bond financing of $10 million to $250 million for such natural resources. In-ground assets need to be verified by a geological or other certified report, but can be located anywhere in the world except Africa. US Capital Partners can provide a 20% advance rate on the value of those assets to finance production.

How it works: A company is looking for non-dilutive production financing in order to realize the potential of a mining or natural resource project located in the United States or abroad. The company is able to provide a certified report that is less than three years old. The company has largely unencumbered ownership of the in-ground assets and is nine months to one year away from production. Following due diligence, US Capital Partners can provide asset-backed bond financing of $10 million to $250 million for the company.


What is it? If you are a company owner, entrepreneur, or high-net-worth investor with assets of $50 million or more and you use leverage to grow your personal wealth, US Capital Partners is able to offer you best-in-class strategic advisory on capital structure, as well as longer-term personal loans structured to match your specific needs, using your equity, IP or other illiquid assets as collateral. Clients typically use the proceeds from these loans to make equity contributions to new or existing investments in order to create additional wealth.

How it works: This product is ideal for owners of private companies, investors with substantial stakes in public companies, and investors with interests in hedge funds and private equity funds or other less liquid investments who are considering financing alternatives. US Capital Partners is able to offer personal loans with a term of three to six years and, unlike most of the larger private banks, is quite willing to accept illiquid or hard-to-value assets as collateral. Terms are customized to the circumstances of the borrower. US Capital Partners can also advise such private investors on the best ways to finance strategic investments, partnering with them by providing direct, tailored personal loans to fund such investments.

To learn more about US Capital Partners’ wide range of innovative products, email Jeffery Sweeney, Chairman and CEO, at jsweeney@uscapitalpartners.net or call (415) 889-1010.

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