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US Capital Engaged on $10M Preferred Equity Raise for DSI Acquisition, Inc.

San Francisco-based private investment bank supports the growth of a medical device that detects, tracks and monitors critical skin changes.

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SAN FRANCISCO, July 2017 – US Capital Partners Inc. has been engaged by DSI Acquisition, Inc (“DSI”) as its strategic advisor for a $10 million series A equity raise. DSI, (digital skin imaging) operating under the brand Dermspectra, will use the new financing for scaling their operations, increasing production of commercial units, hiring staff and increasing marketing efforts.

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the United States1, with current estimates that one in five will develop skin cancer in their lifetime2. Yet at one Dermspectra early commercial site, skin cancer expert, Dr. Mitchell Kline points out, the fundamental problem is that when dermatologists perform a skin examination it is common practice to write down what they see at one point in time.  It is not possible to know what spots are changing without standardized full body serial digital photography. Dr.  Kline reports discovering 5 new melanoma early within his patient population, using Dermspectra imaging over the past almost 2 years.  Dermspectra now offers to fill that imaging gap in the market to aid standardized, preventative skin screening.

The company offers a patented total body imaging system that enables physicians to detect, track, and monitor critical skin changes in high resolution. Their system automatically combines total body imaging, standardization of imaging and post processing. Currently, the product is a FDA approved Class I medical device in imaging, and will begin to build databases of standardized skin imaging data over time.

According to Dr. Richard Carmona, 17th U.S. Surgeon General and DSI board member, "Dermspectra is setting the industry standard for how future dermatology, primary care, and medical practices will capture image data to assist early detection of melanoma and other skin diseases.” Karleen Seybold, CEO of DSI, adds to this, saying “this is a ‘know your skin’ campaign that could open up a wealth of possibilities for the industry through complete and consistent documentation, and skin data analytics, so we are excited to be working with US Capital Partners to take our product forward into the market”.

“We are extremely pleased to be assisting DSI Acquisition with its business financing needs in a strategic investment banking role, as the company moves into the next phase of its business expansion,” said Jeffrey Sweeney, Chairman and CEO at US Capital Partners. “The opportunity to participate in DSI’s $10 million convertible stock financing raise is now open to eligible investors through our digital investment platform at www.uscgs.com, which offers a curated selection of private placement opportunities.”

(1) Source: Cancer Facts and Figures 2016, American Cancer Society.
(2) Source: Skin Cancer Facts & Statistics, Skin Cancer Foundation.

About DSI Acquisition Inc.

DSI Acquisition Inc. is a medical device company operating under the brand name Dermspectra, developing and manufacturing a patented imaging device designed to enable physicians to detect, track and monitor critical skin changes and strives to ensure the best healthcare outcomes for patients. Between 2015 and 2016, the company completed a beta testing program, with four units been installed and subsequently converted into commercial ones. The Company is now seeking capital to build the first twenty production commercial units and scale operations. The Company received a grant from the Science Foundation of Arizona to develop the original prototype, is a recent recipient of FY16 Army Advanced Medical Technology grant, and has raised $4M to date. DSI Acquisition Inc. is based in Portsmouth, NH.

About US Capital Partners Inc.

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